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"Lillian’s approach to her death — reasoned and methodical until the very end — is moving enough, but Virginia’s response to it is really well-done, too. This will sound weird, but sometimes I actually forget that Lillian and Virginia are friends, mostly because Lillian’s stoicism and Virginia’s spunk seem so at odds that they should logically be enemies. But really, in a TV landscape where non-competitive, Bechdel-compliant friendships are rare, they are — ugh, were — a pretty remarkable pair. As Virginia reconciles herself to the fact that Lillian won’t continue treating her cancer, we watch her come to terms with the fact that Lillian’s way is best simply because it’s hers. She can’t do it any other way.

"It’s a leap for Virginia to mentally accept that the decision to let go isn’t actually counter to the "ferocity" she’s always loved in Lillian, but it takes even more for her to watch her die — to help her, even, just by virtue of not intervening. This is a show that’s shown us all sorts of love and all sorts of intimacy in all sorts of ways, but I don’t know that there’s ever been a scene so lovely and right as Virginia climbing into bed with Lillian after she overdoses on sleeping pills. Farewell, Lillian.”

, “Masters of Sex Recap: Losing Lillian” [x]

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-There’s Lillian-tha, with her crown and her chariot.

-Lillian-tha, there’s no Lillian-tha.

-Oh, you don’t know that myth? The warrior princess? Strong and brave? And so tall and beautiful that she struck some men down. Some men very down. But she knew who she was. And that is why she burned so brightly. You could always spot her in the sky.

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❁ meet the blogger ❁

name:  i’m whoever you want me to be [sic]
nickname: too many
favourite flower: ermmmmm… ??? daisies i suppose. but never ever buy me cut flowers. i fucking hate it. stupid fucking gesture. “here are some dead things you can watch die some more then throw in the bin”. like wtf. fucking pointless and environmentally/socially irresponsible is what i’m saying.
favourite fruit: strawberries? most of all when i forage for them myself.
favourite ice-cream flavour: ALL OF THEM I CAN’T DECIDE
favourite pastime: taking drugs and dancing to prog house/minimal house or techno for 12 hours tbh. too bad i haven’t done it in fucking ages. sex with girls is pretty damn good too lol.
day or night: night
chocolate or vanilla: depends on the context/food/etc.
how do you take your coffee/tea: depends on the coffee. tea is almost always black (i drink a lot of herbal and green teas)
zodiac sign: scorpio
your catchphrase: *insert any random know-it-all scientific fact here* bonus if it’s a mood-killer.

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thequeenrhaenyra sent: Omg I just found your awesome blog and I want to hug you. Doreah has always been a favourite of mine and I just found out there are other people like me who love her. If I could reblog this whole blog I would. Also kudos for picking a theme which has a visible reblog button. Sorry for the ramble, I'm just super excited.


OH THANK YOU!!! :D Lately my blog’s been a bit Doreah-lacking, but she is first and foremost my reason for blogging here. My love for her will never die (and I’m sure other Doreah stans feel the same, hehe). Haha, you’re welcome! I can’t stand blogs that have hidden nav or reblog buttons too! Never apologise for such kind words! xx

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Did you ever fall in love with a boy?
I think so…no one’s ever been in love with me, though. Not that I’ve known of, anyway. I’ve had relations a few times. But no one’s ever stayed. You know, lingered. That’s what I’ve missed out on—that kind of closeness.

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Did Betty ever tell you about the time I heard there was a horse running in the Kentucky derby named Beautiful Betty? The odds were 13 to 1 against… I spent my last two bucks on that horse. Gave the ticket to Betty. She was… feeling blue about something, and I told her, ‘Whenever you feel like the world is against you, you… you look at that ticket and know that no matter what the odds are, someone’s bettin’ on ya.’
— Helen, Masters of Sex

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'I couldn't sleep for months. I still can't'

'Well that makes two of us.'

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