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It’s either spectacular, unbelievable success, or crushing, hopeless defeat! There is no middle ground! ….OK, there is a middle ground, but it’s for sissy weasels.
— Cersei Lannister [to Ned Stark], A Game of Thrones (via incorrectgotquotes)

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doreahology replied to your post:

It’s tumblr’s new system. It includes posts that use the keyword in text even if not tagged. Hate it

when the hell did this happen? that’s what i get for never going into the tags… honestly, the tags were bad enough with people who tagged their annoying shit, now it’s just everyone’s annoying shit. tumblr why :||| 

A while ago lol, bb. I notice it far more on the tumblr app tho. When i use my macbook, i get far fewer junk posts in her tag. Dunno why.

But ugh. It is just so annoying!! I do not want to read everyone’s boring answers to an askbox OTP meme or random thoughts that just mention Doreah offhand. (If I cared about these people’s answers, I’d be following them already.) And holy fuck, the RP blogs!!! Not only do some of them tag their stupid posts as “Doreah” but now i have to see every bloody reply they make or whatever character speaking to them? I swear 85% of my blocked tags are RP blogs. Such a waste of space.

It is just an irritating system. And hell, sometimes I just want to say something about Doreah and NOT have it indexed in the damn tag search for everyone to see.

I can only imagine how much worse it is in really popular character tags.

I’ve seen a bunch of people really happy about the change. But you and I can just sit here and complain together :) x

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the fact that some people on this site are sexually aroused by benevolent cucumberpatch is proof that someone will find you attractive no matter how ugly you may be. there is always hope